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iphone Usb Charging Cable

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iphone Usb Charging Cable

  • This sturdy and durable cable made of tpe and premium copper protect it from bending and coiling
  • -With data transfer speed upto 480 mbps its built with safety protections with four-core copper wires promoting maximum signal while working.
  • -its tested bending ranges bends making it more durable, its 3d aluminum connector and laser welding technology makes it hard to break and fits well giving good connectivity
  • iphone Usb Charging Cable  USB cables are “Hot Pluggable”, in other words you can connect 
  • the cables while the computer is running without fear of freezing the computer
  • USB cables are fast, transferring up to 480Mbps. 
  • Compare that to serial communication which transfers data at about 20Kbps
  • USB cables carry power as well as signals. 
  • This allows for “USB powered” gadgets as well as recharging batteries in cameras and other USB peripherals
  • USB cables are designed with several distinct connector types,
  • making it easy to identify which plug goes into the computer and which plug goes into the peripheral device
  • USB cables are a universal standard and are fairly easy to find and to afford
  • USB cable assemblies are designed with several distinct connector types.
  • The most common types (figure 2) you will see are called Type A and Type B, though you may see “mini-B” connectors with either 4 or 5 pins.



Weight 0.250 kg
Dimensions 10 × 8 × 10 cm


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