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Anti rain film for car window & rear view mirror

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Anti rain film for car window & rear view mirror

  • Safe driving: this car rearview mirror film has good transmittance,
  • anti-fog, anti-glare, waterproof, rainproof and other functions,
  • providing you with security and clear vision, ensures the safety of driving in rainy days
  • make your life safe and convenient
  • Lasting to use: made of PET protective films and nano adhesive layer,
  • water droplets can spread quickly, no dew condensation and good transparency,
  • can prevent strong light reflection, reduce dazzle light, relax visual fatigue
  • see more clearly even for strong light at night
  • Easy to install: use the clean cloth in the package to clean the dust and dirt on the mirror, and sprinkles some water or spray some alcohol before applying the rearview mirror film
  • use the scraper to clean the water and air inside when applying the film
  • avoiding bubble appearance
  • these car rearview mirror films come with 2 pieces Irregular shape films
  • which can nicely attach to your car and fit your rearview mirror better
  • you can cut it to wanted size or shape to DIY your own car rearview mirror films
  • the package comes with 4 pieces car rearview mirror films in rectangular shape or irregular shape
  • also provide you 2 sets of tool kit, including alcohol bags
  • yellow mirror cloth and scrapers, enough quantity to meet your daily life using needs



Product Description – Anti Rain Film for Car Window & Rear View Mirror

Keep Your Vision Clear in Any Weather

Experience the ultimate clarity and convenience with our Anti Rain Film for Car Window & Rear View Mirror. Designed with cutting-edge technology to combat rainy and foggy conditions, this revolutionary film enhances your visibility, ensuring a safe and enjoyable drive no matter the weather.

Enhanced Visibility

Our Anti Rain Film acts as a shield against raindrops, eliminating their adverse effects on your vision. With its hydrophobic properties, the film repels water, causing rain to bead up and roll off effortlessly. Say goodbye to blurry and obstructed views, and regain your confidence on the road, even during heavy downpours.

Improved Safety

When rain hits your windshield, it not only obstructs your view but also creates a distracting noise. Our Anti Rain Film not only repels raindrops but also reduces the noise caused by their impact. Now, you can drive in peace and focus on the road ahead, enhancing your safety and that of your passengers.

Easy Application and Durability

Installing our Anti Rain Film is a breeze. With its user-friendly design, you can effortlessly apply it to your car windshield and rear view mirrors. The film adheres seamlessly and remains intact, ensuring long-lasting performance. Rest assured, our film is resistant to scratches and maintains its effectiveness, providing you with clear vision for a prolonged period.

  • “Enhance Your Visibility with Anti Rain Film”
  • “Never Let Rain Obstruct Your View”
  • “Experience Safety and Clarity with Our Anti Rain Film”
  • “Drive Confidently Even in the Rain”
  • “Protect Your Vision with Anti Rain Film”


Ultimate Clarity with Anti Rain Film – Drive Safely in the Rain |

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Dimensions 10 × 8 × 17 cm


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